Hydrogen ampoule 12mm
  • Hydrogen ampoule 12mm

Hydrogen ampoule 12mm


High purity hydrogen in a glass ampoule with ~ 45mm length and 12mm diameter. Purity 99.999%. The ampoule is filled with low pressure and can be excited to glow using an electric field (e.g. a plasma ball) or using a microwave field.

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Hydrogen, with the chemical symbol H, is the lightest and most abundant element in the universe. It was first isolated in 1766 by the British chemist Henry Cavendish. While hydrogen is not found in its pure form on Earth, it is widespread in compounds such as water and organic substances.

On Earth, hydrogen constitutes only about 0.15% of the mass but plays a crucial role in various biological and chemical processes. It is a colorless, odorless gas and possesses the highest specific weight among all gases.

Hydrogen has intriguing applications. In the industry, it serves as a raw material for the production of ammonia, methanol, and other chemical compounds. As an energy carrier, hydrogen is gaining importance. Fuel cells, which convert hydrogen and oxygen into electrical energy, could offer a clean alternative to conventional combustion engines. Hydrogen-powered vehicles are already on the market, and researchers are exploring further possibilities for utilizing hydrogen as a renewable energy source.

In the future, hydrogen technologies could play a key role in the energy transition. The conversion of hydrogen into clean electricity and its use as a storage medium for renewable energy may help address the challenges of sustainable energy production.

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