Palladium, with the chemical symbol Pd, was discovered by the English chemist William Hyde Wollaston in 1803. It belongs to the platinum group and is often mined in conjunction with other noble metals like platinum. Palladium is relatively rare on Earth, with an average abundance of about 0.015 ppm in the Earth's crust.

The applications of Palladium span various sectors. Due to its ability to absorb and release hydrogen, it is utilized in hydrogen technology, particularly in fuel cell vehicles. Palladium also plays a crucial role in the catalyst industry, especially in vehicle catalytic converters, where it contributes to the conversion of harmful gases into less hazardous substances.

Future applications could focus on renewable energies and medical technologies. The use of Palladium in advanced catalysts for hydrogen fuel cells is actively researched. Additionally, Palladium might play a role in cancer therapy, as it is employed in some experimental drugs designed to combat certain types of tumors.

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