Periodic table full set, 105 x 60cm


You get all 81 stable elements from hydrogen to bismuth in large quantities embedded in crystal clear acrylic glass.

For the 37 radioactive elements you get acrylic cubes with an embedded "radioactive" sign.

The 118 acrylic cubes are in a LED-illuminated showcase made of solid maple wood.

In addition to the complete maple periodic table, a wide variety of indigenous woods such as maple, oak and the tropical woods of mahogany and zebrano, to name just the most important ones, are possible.

SMT Metals Wimmer supplies complete periodic tables to universities, companies and private individuals. Upon request, lighting in a wide variety of colors is possible, whereby individual areas of the periodic table can be illuminated with different colors and make your periodic table a unique work of art.

A periodic table can be used to upgrade your reception and customer area.

In schools and universities, an interactive periodic table can spark interest in chemistry.